Sexism on tumblr. I know your hearts are in the right place but still, this is bad.

this is powerful

it’s because it’s the absolute other way around anywhere else. stop.

No, this needs to be seen. It’s not okay to demean another sex to defend your own. If you wanted to be treated as equal, then you treat others as equals as well. You can’t fight sexism by being sexist. You can’t fight hate by hating. It’s that simple.

"Don’t express your anger in the one place you can guarantee it won’t lead to physical violence against you! That’s sexist!"

Also? Look at the things that are on the “women are” list. Like actually look.

"Women are always right" and "women are crazy" are both sexist, with an added dose of ableism thrown into the second one for good measure. ("Women are always right" puts women on a pedestal).

"Women are from venus"—"men are from mars, women are from venus" is a book/saying, there’s a corresponding one in the men’s list.

"Women are humans", "women are people", "women are not objects"—if you can’t figure out from looking at this that these are women reacting and responding to an oppressive system, you may actually be trying to overlook that fact. “Women are people” is like the barest minimum that one could set as far as respect goes.

"Women are beautiful", "Women are awesome", "Women are strong".

Only these are actually praising and glorifying women in a way that isn’t sexist toward them. 

These aren’t “women fighting sexism”, these are women creating safe places to praise each other, remind each other that they are people, that they are not alone, and yes, to complain about the aggressions and micro-aggressions that they face every day.

This is why I really don’t like tumblr